Peripheral Perspectives

Peripheral Perspectives

Friday Colloquia

A series of colloquia to bring together interdisciplinary academics with non-academic thinkers, diverse practitioners (designers, visual and performative artists, and others) and citizens.

With the concept of Peripheral Perspectives we intend to build a space to disturb, activate and generate difference while giving visibility and voice to alter-realities that encourage contestation of the status quo through inspiring modes of reorientation, action and regeneration.

Friday Colloquia: Peripheral Perspectives is interested in theories, practices and experiences that embrace diverse ways of knowing with tacit and situated knowledge.

Scientific Committee to the Friday Colloquia: Alberto Altes; Ana Margarida Ferreira; António Gorgel Pinto; Daniel Maciel; Helena Freitas; Inês Veiga; José Bártolo; Luisa Ribas; Maria João Baltazar; Maria Manuela Restivo; Maria Milano; Mariana Pestana; Miguel Carvalhais; Paula Reaes Pinto; Rodrigo Hernández-Ramirez; Tom Bieling; Virginia Tassinari; Tomé Quadros.

Colloquium I Heterodoxies of difference

2 July, 12h00-14h00

Online with transmission at esad-idea, Matosinhos

3 Long Talks + Panel Discussion

Moderators: Luísa Ribas & Miguel Carvalhais


What forms of (re-)productive peripheries can inspire alternative or heterodox economies through different ways of socially organising, knowing and being, and cultures of experimentation? What is the role of Artificial Intelligence in this process? What new economic dynamics are born from an algorithmically controlled world? What are the cultural biases and other forces that control the contemporary condition? How can interdisciplinary design and research create new communities of difference that react to this condition?

Kate Crawford

Atlas of AI: Mapping the Extracted Logics of Artificial Intelligence

McKenzie Wark

Automation of the Arbitrary





Colloquium II Caring for diverse kinship

9 July, 17h00-19h00

Online with transmission at Maus Hábitos, Porto

1 Keynote Speaker + 3 Panel Speakers + Panel Discussion

Moderator: Teresa Franqueira


Beyond disciplinary knowledge it is possible to find uncommon realities, which can be perceived by other perspectives in a given time and space. These trajectories of thinking may converge into the definition of new strategies to implement the innovations that our planet really needs for a sustainable and holistic development.

At different local, regional and global scales, what is at stake is how design can establish different kinships, with human, non-human, or more-than-human ways of being. A rhizomatic approach combining human, biophysical, geographical, economic, political, social, cultural, historical and ecological aspects of life as a whole. From human-centred to life-centred design… and beyond!

Arturo Escobar

Against terricide: Designing as a praxis of caring for the web of life 

Paolo Cascone

Decolonizing Performative Design

Yanki Lee

From Older People to Butterflies: Design as The Others!? 

Martin Ávila

Alter-Natives: Designing as a poetics of relating



Colloquium III Narratives of more-than-human ecologies

16 July, 17:00-19:00

Online with transmission at Maus Hábitos, Porto

5 Panel Speakers + Panel Discussion

Moderator: Alastair Fuad-Luke


When thinking of more-than-human ecologies, language and narratives play a key role as they inform (or inhibit) the acknowledgement of relationality and envisage diverse ways to design (think/act in designing) for radical interdependence. Today, Herbert Simon’s long held notion of design as a means of changing existing situations into preferred ones through a course of action, crosses with expanded ontologies, epistemologies and cosmologies. This topic will be addressed by a series of conversations where different ways of thinking and practicing relationality in and through language — coming from different disciplines such as anthropology and philosophy — are brought in dialogue with design practitioners and researchers dealing with the same issue in and through their design experimentations. 

Thomas Pausz

Amplifying Ecosystems, Interspecies media practices

Orkan Telhan

Where do cucumbers come from?

Marisol de la Cadena

Listening in Pluriversal Contact Zones

Mario Blaser

Infrastructures of emplacement: stories about other-than-ecologies

Patrícia Vieira

Can Plants Write?  



Colloquium IV Animating everyday heterotopias

23 July, 17:00-19:00

Online with transmition at esad-idea, Matosinhos

1 Keynote speaker + Discussion + 7 Short talk Speakers (7x7min.)

Moderator: Teresa Fradique


What forms of everyday heterotopias can contribute to the creation of new possibilities and paths? How might we activate new languages, actions and interventions that move us from probable futures to preferable futures? By gathering different projects that articulate alternative ways of doing — either by rethinking ethics, aesthetics, difference, sustainability, education or social justice — we intend to nurture the strength of disobedient perspectives and outsider cultures to grasp different ways of thinking and being in the world.

Zoy Anastassakis

Remaking everything, everyday

Alemberg Quindins

Casa Grande Foundation: A cultural management school for children in Brazil

Bota-Abaixo Royal Republic

Ká Trá Ká: Old houses, new directions

JoYas da Terra

Designing paths for sustainability using Permaculture

Pablo Calderón Salazar

Dishwashing designers

Collectif Etc

Where have common spaces gone? 

Roseanne Kimber & Patricia Csobánczi

Co-Creating Everyday Foods – with Insects and Seaweed!

Rui Silva

Publishing for imagined horizons