Habitar 424

Habitar 424

Led by the Assemble Studio and El Warcha, the workshop will be developed by and for the homeless community in Porto. The project aims to reconceptualise the common understanding of homelessness, while providing an evolving community resource for the future.

As we move towards a future of economic uncertainty for many, with evictions looming and homelessness on the rise, it is urgent we reconsider how to develop and organise space to meet the needs and desires of those most marginalised by our cities. How do we counter increasing segregation and disparity? How do we learn from and alongside those living on the streets? 

Working in close collaboration with designer Olivia Page (UK/PT), the project will explore material ecologies by developing the design to incorporate industrial and bio-based waste. 

The project will be built over the course of the first half of the Biennale, enabling a public program building on Saber Comprender’s work recognising peer-to-peer education and valuing the lived-experience of homelessness.


10 July, 19h00-21h30

How can the social system be improved to support people’s personal and professional growth? How can we combat growing segregation and disparity by the way we use and create spaces in our cities? To mark the opening of Habitar 424’s exhibition space, the association Sabe Compreender and El Warcha Lisboa propose a reflection on the social inclusion of the homeless person in the cities of Porto and Lisbon. After the debate, there is a presentation of the book edited by Fran Edgerley, Inês Marques and Olivia Page, curators of the project, and the exhibition of the documentary “CRISTIAN”, directed by Luís Nuno Baldaque (Director and Producer), Francisco Carvalho (Co-producer and Director of Photography) and Daniel Lewis (Image editor and Co-producer).

(In Portuguese)


17 July, 19h00-21h00

Debate between the Assemble collective and the association El Warcha Lisboa on design as a tool for community development and its role in the Habitar 424 project, followed by a presentation by designer Olivia Page on material opportunities and ecologies in industrial and waste biological base mapped in the Porto area. The event ends with a debate between Olivia Page and the Assemble collective about the future of materiality.

(In English)