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PDB21 Programme

Museu da Matéria Viva / Museum of Vibrant Matter

Over the next 54 days, Porto Design Biennale presents 49 activities, 20 conversations and 11 workshops. The event takes place in the cities of Porto and Matosinhos and online, between June 2nd and July 25th. “Alter-Realities: Designing the Present” is the theme of this edition. Curated by Alastair Fuad-Luke, a collective reflection is proposed on the role of design in the construction of more satisfying and sustainable ways of life.

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Liminal Ghettos

How can we use Big Data to uncover our cities’ shifting segregation patterns? Through the exhibition at the Porto Design Biennale, CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati and MIT Senseable City Lab strive to cast a new light on the issue of social segregation, in Porto and other cities around the world. Analyzing big data that shows people’s movements within urban boundaries, it proposes an alternative interpretation to the century-old idea of ghetto. It aims to illuminate the subtle and insidious ways in which segregation works today.

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Openning Porto Design Biennale 2021

Projecto Cozinha de Terra por Álbio Nascimento e Kathi Stertzig THE HOME PROJECT Design Studio em colaboração com Ricardo Lopes, Joana e Mariana e Vasco Célio.

A Porto Design Biennale regressa dia 2 de junho com a abertura da exposição Museu da Matéria Viva do curador geral Alastair Fuad-Luke na Casa do Design e com a exposição Autre, no âmbito da programação do País Convidado, França, com curadoria de Caroline Naphegyi e Sam Baron no Museu Nacional de Soares dos Reis.

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Workshops Museum of Vibrant Matter

Matéria Viva

Open call for the Museum of Vibrant Matter expeditions and workshops. The Museum of Vibrant Matter asks us to pay attention and attune to our local biological, technical and hybrid materialities as an act of care towards ourselves, other living things, our soils, water and geology. The Museum of Vibrant Matter comprises three workshops that will explore different material environments in the local territory; collect/gather matter or material samples; experiment with making materials and artefacts; and enter new records into the Archive of Vibrant Matter.