Satellite Activities

Satellite Activities

( Open Call )

Satellite Activities

A Recoletora

In a response to the open call launched by Porto Design Biennale, eight projects have been chosen to integrate the Satellite Activities of the event. Talks, tours, installations and workshops are will some of the proposals that will then be part of the program of activities to be developed between the 2nd of June and the 25th of July 2021.

Having as its central theme for reflection the general theme set up by the curator, Alter-Realidades: Designing the Present, the selected applications draw a map of activities, installations, workshops and creations that, between digital and public space, propose to reveal new connecting lines between local communities, to discuss diversity and environmental preservation and to point out routes to a future that can transform power relations and combat social exclusion. Games, applications, workshops, conversation cycles, guided tours, dinners, installations and performances will integrate the PDB21 program.

Selected projects

Yugen App, by Alexander Burenko

The Yugen App is an application that aims to challenge eco-friendly art concepts and practices. Using augmented reality and curated by a group of international artists, the app will compile dozens of daily instructions and exercises that serve as a manual for the reconnection between its user and nature. The notifications and proposals of the application will challenge the possibilities of artistic creation, as well as the presentation format itself, disconnecting it from the gallery’s physical space.

A Recoletora, by Alexandre Delmar and Maria Ruivo

Having as its central objective the promotion of local edible wild plants and, through that, introducing them in the Portuguese diet, A Recolectora challenges us to diversify food and to recover the popular local food culture. Starting from the investigation of four green zones in the geographical area of Biennale, this activity will identify and map native species in a process that will include documentation, training and awareness activities: building a website, conducting interpretive walks, workshops and dinner.

Petites Folies by Ana Neiva and João Nuno Gomes

Petites Folies proposes to create a set of public space installations, reconfiguring the local realities and redefining the city routes through a new set of viewpoints and frameworks. Proposing a journey through different areas of Porto’s riverside, the project will involve students from educational institutions linked to the artistic areas of PDB’21 in the creation of site-specific installations that can trigger a new look at the intervened areas.

Caring Assemblie by Bartlebooth - Antonio Giráldez, López, Pablo Ibáñez Ferrera

The Caring Assemblies project, Designing for better futures proposes the creation of a discussion forum, a public distribution program and a space for debate and friction around narratives for the near future. The forum will involve a group of relevant speakers and players within contemporary trends of design and spatial, territorial, feminist and ecological thinking, and will promote a calendar of public presentations directed to local PDB’21 agents. To close the program, a collaborative workshop based on the game The Quiet Year will serve as a space for collective speculation about the possible paths after a civilizational collapse.

Control Wars Laboratorio, by Grace Turtle

Control Wars is, at the same time, a game and a laboratory that aims to give its participants a platform to examine and transcend the perceived social limits, thereby opening space for the exploration of new imaginary and the testing of transition processes that can project more livable realities. Performance, fiction, conflict and collaborative world creation are the pillars of this project that will be open to everyone’s participation.

For the Record by Het Nieuwe Instituut

Developed by the Dutch Institute for Architecture, For the Record project investigates how the contemporary music video culture operates as a public space for consumerism, activism and emancipation, thus creating new narratives and visual imagery. At PDB’21, the project will present a cycle of conferences and workshops around the themes: Urban Imaginaries, Technologies of Circulation, and Staging Realities, headed by Portuguese and international artists and cultural agents.

Exploratory with impact by Inês Alves and Lara Plácido

impact is an eco-friendly construction system that proposes replacing part of the aggregates with crushed glass and plastic. Created in Cape Verde, the project aims to be an answer to the urgent need to control sand extraction for civil construction, also operating on the precarious labor issues associated with this task. For PDB’21, and in collaboration with a group of Matosinhos and Porto entities, impact will create a dialogue with local communities, opening space for the construction of new, more sustainable autonomies and new perspectives on decent access to housing and to work.

Here be dragons, by Luis Galan

Here be dragons is a project that brings together people with intellectual and/or development-related disabilities and artists, in order to build new autonomies and to promote social inclusion for these citizens. Through a methodology based on four fundamental axes (meeting, mapping, workshops and events), this project will promote a participatory debate around how design for public spaces can be an engine of diversity, inclusion and social awareness.