Workshops Museum of Vibrant Matter

Workshops Museum of Vibrant Matter

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Workshops Museum of Vibrant Matter

Matéria Viva

Open call for the Museum of Vibrant Matter expeditions and workshops. The Museum of Vibrant Matter asks us to pay attention and attune to our local biological, technical and hybrid materialities as an act of care towards ourselves, other living things, our soils, water and geology. The Museum of Vibrant Matter comprises three workshops that will explore different material environments in the local territory; collect/gather matter or material samples; experiment with making materials and artefacts; and enter new records into the Archive of Vibrant Matter.


Workshop River

Caring through Waters – Learning with water for the common good

Quinta da Bonjóia, Porto

19-20 June

Alastair Fuad-Luke (UK/Portugal) and Tiago Patatas (Portugal)

Mobilizing different ways of knowing, participants will explore what multispecies modes of coexistence can be amplified by the transformative powers of water.

(Portuguese and English)


Workshop Land

Captivating the Fibresphere – Turning textile fibers into matter again

Casa do Design, Matosinhos 24 – 26 June

Alexandra Fruhstorfer, (Austria) and Seçil Uğur Yavuz (Italy/Turkey)

Gathering toxic micro-fibres of plastic from homes and sites across the cities of Porto and Matosinhos participants will convert these back into matter that should not be exploited further.



Workshop Sea

Laminaria Prophesea – Designing with seaweeds

Museu da Quinta de Santiago, Matosinhos

6-8 July

Julia Lohmann, (Germany) and Violaine Buet (France)

Combining ocean literacy and a boat trip with material explorations of algae, participants will develop a new ritual to honour our maritime kin.